How Outsourcing Affects The U.S. Economy!

My goal with this site is to have intelligent discussion on the topic of Outsourcing and find out what effect it has on the United States.  I will be highlighting various articles and topics with the hope that we can take a good look at this important issue.

My first article is from the “Directory Journal”

How Outsourcing Affects The U.S. Economy!
by Hasan on September 16, 2008

There has been and continues to be a lot of debate over outsourcing and while supporters say that it is good for the US economy, detractors argue otherwise.
Proponents insist that outsourcing will save money for companies, will open up opportunities and will lead to more Americans holding jobs at a higher level. They feel this practice offers substantial gains to the US economy with cheaper imports and stronger exports.
Opponents who are against outsourcing argue that hiring people from foreign countries effects the US economy in a negative way and strips hundreds to thousands of Americans of jobs, especially the skilled and semi-skilled workers. They argue that the loss of competitive advantage to other countries is permanent and the American worker and economy lose forever.

All the points seem valid in their place. It has to be agreed that outsourcing does lead to loss of jobs in the US, especially those that have minimal qualifications. On the other hand, the loss of jobs is not only limited to people with minimal skills, but also jobs of skilled labor that are being outsourced to other countries.

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